Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ning Tools to Create, Publish & Present Content

Ning Pages
Ning Pages are places where administrators can generate and format content using HTML. The Pages feature is currently an administrator-only tool by default. Network owners can delegate administrator privileges to individual tools, such as Pages, to other members of the network.

Ning Notes
Ning Notes is an internal wiki tool Ning. Users can very easily link pages to one another. The tool does not require any HTML knowledge; it allows formatting through a basic WYSIWYG (What You See Is What Your Get) editor. Again, this is a default administrator-only tool that can be delegated to users.

Ning Blog
By default, every member of a Ning network has a blog for posting anything they like -- sharing articles, journaling, or sharing issues on which they would like feedback. Ning blogs automatically have comments enabled to support dialog between members.

Ning Photos and Flickr Integration
A photo upload and sharing tool is integrated in Ning. Every user can upload, share, display, tag, and comment on photos. Photos can be uploaded in bulk, and played in a slideshow format. Ning also allows users to add and display images from their Flickr photo sharing account and to submit photos by phone or email. Ning will display slide shows of member photos.

Ning Music
Ning’s Music tool allows uploading of 100 .mp3 audio files. The Music tool allows members to share songs, audio recordings, original music, and interviews, significantly expanding presentation and sharing capabilities of the site.

Ning Video
The Ning Video tools allow members to easily upload videos up to 100 MB in size in the .mov, .mpg, .avi, .wmv and .3gp file formats. Videos may also be uploaded via phone or email. Ning Video also support the embedding of YouTube, Google videos, and SlideShare/Slidecast presentations using the embed code feature. More information on ShareShare is available in the Google Applications Suite section.

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